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COVID-19 tests

From March 7, it is possible to get COVID-19 Quick Test and PCR test for a fee in all of Copenhagen Medical’s centers.


COVID-19 Quick Test
Price: 145, –

COVID-19 PCR tests
Price with answers within:
1-3 hours 795, –
24 hours 495, –

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Copenhagen Medical Health Centers

You can visit our health centers in Copenhagen at Nørreport or in Grønnegade or our health center in Vejle.

During the spring, we will open another 8 health centers throughout the country.
Here we will offer different health examinations such as measuring blood pressure and heart rate measurement, body analysis and various tests. We will also offer various vaccinations, tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy tests.

You can always stay updated on our website for more information about the new health centers’ addresses, opening hours and health services.
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No appointment

For easier registration, download our Quick Test app before arrival to our quick test centers .
Read more about our Quick Test app here.

Note that the doors close at the specified closing time for each quick test center.

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Data Do you want to know more about the infection data in the city you live in? Get the latest COVID-19 quick test numbers from yesterday and the last 7 days in the Capital Region. See the data here.

Find the nearest quick test center and opening hours in the overview above. Free COVID-19 quick test is offered here.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you download the Kviktest app before arrival at our rapid test centre and register your personal data in the app beforehand, using your NemID.

Subsequently, simply log into the app when you arrive at the rapid test centre, and scan the QR card given to you by our test personnel. This means that you won't have to provide sensitive personal data in the app as it will now be stored in the app every time you go for a test. The data that you register in the app will only be stored on your own mobile device. Read more about the Kviktest app here:  https://www.cphmed.com/kviktest-app/

If you don't have the Kviktest app, you must bring your health card for registration as well as a mobile phone, as the link to the test result will be sent to you by text message.

For foreign nationals, we can scan all passports, EU/EEA ID cards as well as driving licences. If the foreign national provides neither a passport, an ID nor a driving licence, we will type in the information manually.

Please note that the health authorities still recommend that you wear a mask when arriving at our test centre. In addition, we recommend that in places where the rapid test centres are indoors - in Fields, for example - you keep your mask on until you have received a negative test result or have left the centre.
Yes, the COVID-19 antigen test, also known as the 'kviktest' or rapid antigen test, is free for all citizens from the age of 2.
In the rapid test centres, we test children from the age of 2. Children between the age of 2 and 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children between the age of 11 to 14 should preferably be accompanied by a parent or guardian, but we also accept a consent form from a parent with the parent's name and telephone number.
The Kviktest app is our application for Android and IOS, which can be used in our rapid test centres to give you a better user experience.

Set up a profile in the app using NemID. After creating a profile, you do not have to show your health card when registering in our test centres. You will simply be given the QR card which you can then scan yourself, using the Kviktest app.

Please be aware that you cannot create a profile in our Kviktest app without a Danish CPR number and NemID.

In the Kviktest app, you can also add your children (2-17 years).

Click here to read more about our Kviktest app
20-30 minutes after completing the test, you will receive a text message with a link to your test result.

Using this link, you can also download a COVID-19 certificate as a PDF file, showing your test result.

If you have problems logging in to your test result, go to www.kviktest.dk and use the test ID which was sent to you in a text message when you registered.

It is also possible to get a printed copy of your test result in all rapid test centres. We recommend that you request this upon arrival at the test centre, and you will be guided from there.

If you have the Kviktest app, you will receive your test result directly in the Kviktest app.
The rapid antigen test that we use is a Standard Q COVID-19 AG test (Antigen test), produced by SD Biosensor in South Korea. The test has been CE certified and approved by the EU.

In order to place a CE mark on medical equipment, the manufacturer must document the quality, safety and efficiency of the product. Read more about CE marking here: https://laegemiddelstyrelsen.dk/da/udstyr/ce-maerkning/

Please note that for travel purposes, even though the test has been approved by the EU, you are responsible for staying informed of and abiding by the specific Covid-19 rules for your destination.

Please note that the result of the rapid antigen test from Copenhagen Medical will also be shown in the international section of the Coronapas app and in the Corona passport from www.sundhed.dk. However, this requires updating the Coronapas app.
If your test result is 'positive', it is important that you self-isolate straight away and order a follow-up PCR test as soon as possible.

In addition to this, we ask that you follow the guidelines from the Danish Patient Safety Authority.
If your test result is 'negative', there is a strong possibility that you do not have Covid-19. A negative result should not be read as a discharge, however. We still recommend that you follow the guidelines from the public health authorities.
If you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 12 weeks, you may risk that a new test, whether a PCR or a rapid antigen test, will show a positive result. It is therefore recommended that you do not undergo regular testing during this period.

The only exceptions from the above are:
  1. If you have been contacted by the infection tracing unit as a 'close contact'. In this case, you should follow the public recommendations for getting tested.
  2. If you develop symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19. In this case, you should have a PCR test and not a rapid antigen test.
Yes, you can. As a non-Danish citizen without a CPR number, you need to bring valid identification (passport or EU/EEA + Switzerland ID card or driving licence) in order to get registered and tested.

Please note that you cannot use our Kviktest app without a Danish CPR number and NemID.
When you get tested, you accept the transfer of the following data to the health authorities:

  • Your name
  • Your CPR number
  • Your phone number
  • Testing site and time
  • Test result

Copenhagen Medical collects and manages your personal data in accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act.

Information about the management of personal data in connection with a Covid-19 rapid antigen test (Link)
If you need help at one of our test centres, for example with wheelchair access or other issues, please contact our Customer Service beforehand for guidance. Our Customer Service can be contacted by telephone on 70 40 42 42.
The nasal swabs have been sterilised with ethylene oxide (EO). Ethylene oxide is used to sterilise medical equipment. The nasal swabs that we use, like the rest of the test kit, are CE certified and approved by the EU. In order to place a CE mark on medical equipment, the manufacturer must document the quality, safety and efficiency of the product. Read more about CE marking here: https://laegemiddelstyrelsen.dk/da/udstyr/ce-maerkning/
Yes, it is possible to get a paper copy of your test results in our rapid antigen test centres.
If you are a foreign citizen, you can receive a physical certificate with a QR code that you can use abroad. You can get your physical certificate with a QR code at the following test centres:
Axel Towers
Frue Plads

We recommend that you ask for this when arriving at the test centre, and you will be guided from there. Of course, you will have to subsequently stay at the test centre and wait until your test result has been received and can be registered.
All our swappers are trained in Copenhagen Medical's own training program, which has been developed and validated by the company's medical corps. The education includes i.a. hygiene, use of protective equipment and the swapping process itself. We have a dedicated team of employees who perform quality control at all of our test centers every week. There is a special focus on hygiene in connection to the execution of the entire procedure regarding the execution of the swapping, including the hygiene of the swappers and the swapping itself. We encourage all our employees to be vaccinated and everyone who shows up for work is tested before each shift.
Yes, they can. In December 2021, Statens Serum Institut tested the rapid antigen tests/’kviktests’ used in Denmark in order to review how safe the individual tests are. Copenhagen Medical uses rapid antigen tests (‘kviktests’) from SD Biosensor. The SSI review of the antigen tests showed that the rapid antigen test used by Copenhagen Medical can detect both the Omicron and Delta variants on a level comparable to the Wuhan variant.