Health services that match your life

Health services

Health services such as COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, at a location of your choice. From 10 October 2021

Maritime services

Health services such as COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, on land and at sea.


Buy COVID-19 rapid tests, antibody test etc. here.

Health services

We offer health services all over the country, at a location of your choice


We offer COVID-19-related services such as PCR tests, rapid antigen tests and COVID-19 vaccines.


Therapeutic and preventative vaccines, including influenza, TBE and hepatitis vaccines.


We offer blood testing. Results are provided together with dialogue and planning of the further process

Genitalia and the urinary system

We offer examinations for urinary or gynaecological infections, as well as screening for sexually transmitted diseases etc.

Health checks

We offer age-based health checks



Copenhagen Medical offers maritime health services to seafarers travelling through Denmark. Our mobile teams drive out to harbours and ports all over the country in order to vaccinate and test seafarers.

Services & Products

Mobile teams

Health services such as COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, at a location of your choice.


Copenhagen Medical offers training of your own testing personnel in the use of rapid antigen tests for companies wishing to perform their own testing.

Air purifier

The Rensair air purifier ensures clean air by destroying 99.97% of airborne particles, such as viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, mould and fungal spores, pollen, dust mites, other allergens and odours.

Mission & Vision

Copenhagen Medical A/S was established when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Denmark. The task of performing rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 has given us valuable experience in providing a high-quality health service to citizens, in a trustworthy, accessible and diligent manner. We wish to continue this work.

Our mission is to improve the health of Danes, focusing on prevention and providing greater insights into the possibility of improving your own health. Wherever and whenever it suits the individual.

In order to ensure high standards of health services in the future, there is a need for increased cooperation between the public and private sectors. Our services are adapted to future needs for accessibility and flexibility through increased digitalisation and individualisation.

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